Gov. Gianforte: Biden Driving up Energy Costs

Biden rules to cost Montanans more than $1.1 billion

Governor's Office
  • April 25 2024

HELENA, Mont. – Today, Governor Greg Gianforte criticized President Joe Biden and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for issuing new rules aimed at eliminating affordable and reliable energy for Montanans. 

“Joe Biden is trying to appease the far-left wing of his party in an election year by waging war on fossil fuels,” Gov. Gianforte said. “While he pays lip service about reducing costs for consumers, his administration takes actions that will drive up costs, undermine our energy independence, and send jobs overseas. Actions speak louder than words. If Biden truly cares about reducing costs, he will end his war on affordable and reliable energy.”

Both regulations directly target the Colstrip Power Plant and would significantly threaten the well-being and livelihood of all Montanans by undermining a critical supply of low-cost power.

Since taking office, President Biden has worked to eliminate energy produced by fossil fuels without any consideration to the potential impacts to grid reliability, Montana workers, or the nation’s energy security.

“These new rules not only hurt Montana consumers. They hurt Montana workers,” Gov. Gianforte added. “These regulations punish business and push companies into the arms of China and other countries with lower energy costs. While Montana embraces an all-of-the-above energy strategy, it’s time for President Biden to listen to state leaders, stop picking winners and losers, and start prioritizing American consumers and workers.”

Gov. Gianforte previously submitted comments to the EPA on both rules, pointing out in one letter that forced retirement of the Colstrip Power Plant would cost Montanans $1.1 billion over the next 20 years. In another letter, the governor drew attention to comments from the President’s own administration touting the necessity of coal-fired power to grid reliability.

Gov. Gianforte is committed to fighting for affordable and reliable energy for all Montanans. Since President Biden has taken office, he has consistently stood up to Biden and his war on affordable and reliable energy:

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