Governor Gianforte to President Biden: Pull the Plug on Electric Vehicle Mandate

Gov. Gianforte, 15 governors criticize mandate as unrealistic and costly

Governor's Office
  • January 22 2024

HELENA, Mont. – Together with 15 governors, Governor Greg Gianforte today called on President Joe Biden to end his administration’s mandate that two out of every three vehicles be battery electric by 2032.

“While we are not opposed to the electric vehicle marketplace, we do have concerns with federal government mandates that penalize retailers and do not reflect the will of the consumer,” the governors wrote. “Even with deep price cuts, manufacturers’ incentives, and generous government funding, federal mandates on electric vehicles are unrealistic.”

In addition to criticizing the mandate as government overreach, the governors emphasized the lack of adequate infrastructure to support the mandate, and issues with electric vehicle affordability for the American people.

“Mandates aside, we must also ensure we have the necessary infrastructure to support battery electric vehicles, including grid capacity and reliability, charging stations, and domestic electric vehicle battery production,” the governors wrote.

“Even if consumers determine over time that battery electric vehicles are appealing, the reality is that the lack of a strong, domestic marketplace makes electric vehicles prohibitively expensive for the American consumer,” they continued.

The governors concluded, “Ultimately, we must continue to maintain consumer choice. Your mandates are unrealistic, costly, and prescriptive solutions that harm American consumers.”

The governors’ letter can be found here.