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Work Comp, Livestock Topics on Legislative Panel's June 22 Agenda

Monday, June 13, 2016/Categories: Legislative Branch/Tags: Economic Affairs Interim Committee

June 13, 2016

Work Comp, Livestock Topics on Legislative Panel's June 22 Agenda

HELENA - The Economic Affairs Interim Committee on June 22 will hear perspectives about expanding workers' compensation coverage for post-traumatic stress diseases and whether to recognize a presumptive link to certain diseases experienced by emergency responders. Also on the agenda are updates on two audits of the Department of Livestock and various other issues reviewed by the committee in the past year.

The committee will meet in Room 137 of the Capitol, starting at 8:30 a.m. The public is invited to comment on any issue before the committee and may address the committee on issues not related to the agenda but within the business, labor, agriculture, banking, and insurance realms of the committee.

Other meeting topics include:

  • An overview of three bills to be requested for the 2017 session of the Legislature by the Department of Commerce. One is to open the availability of certain grants to all businesses in the wood products industry. Another seeks to avoid conflict of interest concerns related to the Board of Horseracing. A third would allow the Board of Housing to service loans other than Board of Housing loans for in-state lenders.
  • Montana State Fund's budget for calendar year 2016;
  • updates on an issue related to gasoline dispensing meters and inspections;
  • a review of discussions among liquor industry representatives over the past year; and
  • updates on the committee’s two studies, one relating to air ambulances and the other related to costs of licensing boards. The committee will review three overlapping bill drafts on licensing boards to see if there is interest in providing immunity for the boards on antitrust issues.

The meeting will be broadcast online at and also on Montana’s public broadcasting service, TVMT. For more information on TVMT, visit

Committee members include: Representatives Mike Lang, R-Malta; Ryan Lynch, D-Butte (presiding officer), Nate McConnell, D-Missoula, and Vince Ricci, R-Laurel, with Senators Tom Facey, D-Missoula, Rick Ripley, R-Wolf Creek, Gordon Vance, R-Bozeman (vice presiding officer), and Lea Whitford, D-Cut Bank. For further information contact committee staff, Pat Murdo, at 406-444-3594 or by email at, or visit the committee website at


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