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Superintendent Arntzen Announces Emergency Response Plans  Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Members

Superintendent Arntzen Announces Emergency Response Plans Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Members

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Superintendent Arntzen Announces Emergency Response Plans

Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Members


July 26, 2018

HELENA—State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen has selected 16 people to serve on the All Hazard Emergency and Response Plans negotiated rulemaking committee (Committee), in addition to five OPI staff members and one BPE staff member. The Committee will provide Superintendent Arntzen with a proposed amendment to ARM 10.55.701, with the goal of requiring a policy for implementation of all hazard emergency and response plans in schools. The Committee will also consult on the preparation of an economic impact statement for the proposed amendment.

The committee members represent a diverse group of Montanans who are experts in education, business, safety and emergency management, coordination and response, culturally relevant practices, school finance, and student voices. School safety has been a priority at the Office of Public Instruction with Superintendent Arntzen serving on a national school safety steering committee and the state applying for federal STOP school safety and violence prevention grant funds.

“I am honored to bring together this diverse group of Montanans for the important purpose of making our schools safer,” Arntzen said Thursday. “Emergency plans should reflect the unique needs of our communities through local control, but we must all do our part to ensure that Montana schools and students are safe.”                                                                                  

Committee members include:

•        Lester “Dale” DeCoteau, Fort Peck Tribes Mental Health Manager/ Suicide Prevention Coordinator
•        Kerry Drown, Whitefish K-12 School Administrator
•        Cindy Glavin, Big Timber K-12 Teacher
•        Greg Gould, Two Eagle River- Lake County/ State Disaster and Emergency Service Coordinator
•        Charles “Chuck” Hyatt, Bainville Parent/ Taxpayer
•        Bridger Kelch, Whitefish Police Department Law Enforcement Officer
•        Marilyn King, Bozeman K-12 School Administrator
•        Barbara “Dee Ann” Kipp, Browning K-12 Teacher
•        Hannah Kopp, Laurel Student
•        Clara McRae, Helena Student
•        David Pafford, Noxon School District Turstee
•        Ashley Parks, Frenchtown K-12 School Administrator
•        Edgar “Randy” Radke, Belgrade K-12 Teacher
•        Shanna Smith, Belgrade K-12 School Administrator
•        Stephen “Dick” Swingley, Montana State Fire Marshal
•        Angela Williams, Terry K-12 Public Schools Superintendent

OPI and Board of Public Education staff on the Committee include:

  • Jule Walker, Office of Public Instruction Deputy Superintendent
  • Linda Vrooman Peterson, Office of Public Instruction Accreditation and Educator Preparation Division Administrator
  • Karin Billings, Office of Public Instruction Health Enhancement and Safety Division Administrator
  • Tracy Moseman, Office of Public Instruction Director of Coordinated School Health
  • Kyle Moen, Office of Public Instruction Chief Legal Counsel
  • Peter Donovan, Board of Public Education Executive Director

Once the negotiated rulemaking committee finishes its work, it will be up to the Board of Public Education to approve the suggested amendment. The Committee will convene its first meeting on August 14, 2018 in Helena.

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