Montana Arts Council Awards $718,804 from CARES Programs to Support Organizations and Artists

Montana Arts Council
  • December 15 2020

Press Release Issued by the Montana Arts Council                                                       
December 9, 2020
Agency Contact Information:
Eric Heidle                                                        
(406) 444-6133


Montana Arts Council Awards $718,804 from CARES Programs to Support Organizations and Artists

Helena, Mont., December 9, 2020. For many musicians, writers, performing and visual artists, lost income has become a fact of life during the coronavirus pandemic. But some good news has arrived, in the form of CARES funding to support creative professionals. The Montana Arts Council (MAC) has announced a total of $718,804 to be awarded in the first rounds of Montana’s CARES Individuals and CARES Recovery programs.

These awards are given to support nonprofit organizations, artists and cultural workers statewide as they combat the financial effects of the pandemic. As with most industries, Montana’s artists have been hard hit during this time. Gallery shows, musical performances, theater events, bookstore readings and other public gatherings have been canceled, and prominent venues which host these events have seen restricted use or even closed entirely. Coupled with the loss of outdoor festivals and related tourist activity, Montana’s arts economy has been deeply disrupted.

The arts are one of three key industries, including technology and business, that drive regional economies. In a normal year, the arts:

  • contribute more than $1.5 billion to Montana’s economy
  • represent 3.4% of the Total Gross State Product
  • supply 15,666 jobs, generating $883 million in total compensation

Analysis estimates that Montana’s creative industries have lost more than $223 million in sales between April and July. Montana’s job losses in this area are tracking higher than the national average.

“The Montana Arts Council is committed to this important work at a time when our arts colleagues are suffering,” Bozeman Council member Renée Westlake states. “Any community with a vibrant arts scene promotes a balance in our lives, contributing greatly to citizenship, collaboration, communication, and empathy.”

The economic vulnerability of artists has become apparent during the crisis. 94% of people working in creative fields have reported a loss of income due to COVID-19, and 71% percent have been burdened with added expenses during the same period. For this reason, MAC is dedicating the majority of CARES Act funding to stemming losses for those affected. Montana CARES Individuals will award up to $2,500 to those impacted by COVID-19.

“MAC anticipated a significant demand for these funds, and designed processes to equalize the opportunity for those limited by technology,” says MAC Executive Director Tatiana Gant. As the need quickly outpaced the funds available, the Governor’s Office of Budget and Program Planning allocated additional CARES resources to supplement those received through the National Endowment for the Arts. “To date, MAC has been able to fund every qualified request which met the criteria, and has added additional deadlines to support outreach to Tribal nations and isolated communities.” Montana Arts Council will continue to accept applications for CARES funding through February 18, 2020. Visit for more information.

Montana CARES Individuals acknowledges Montana artists as an essential component of the economy. Grant funds provided will allow artists to engage in their artistic practice. Artistic practice is broadly defined and includes artists, teaching artists, arts administrators, and other arts and culture workers. Funds are intended to help offset lost opportunities related to COVID-19, to be used toward creative efforts, and to support future success. Applicants may be prioritized to equalize awards across geographic area and disciplines.

Awardees for the initial round of CARES funds are:

CARES Individuals Awardees

Montana CARES Individuals acknowledges Montana artists as an essential component of the economy. Grant funds provided will allow artists to engage in their artistic practice. Artistic practice is broadly defined and includes artists, teaching artists, arts administrators, and other arts and culture workers. Funds are intended to help offset lost opportunities related to COVID-19, to be used toward creative efforts, and to support future success. Applicants may be prioritized to equalize awards across geographic area and disciplines.

Montana CARES Awardees (As of November 16 Executive Committee Meeting)             

Applicant                                                            City                                     Award

Adam Schwankl                                                  Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Adam Smith                                                         Manhattan                          $2,500.00

Adrian Jawort                                                      Billings                                $2,500.00

Alaina Buffalo Spirit                                             Lame Deer                         $2,500.00

Alan McNiel                                                         Troy                                    $2,500.00

Alayna Rasile                                                      Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Alex Nauman                                                      Billings                                $2,500.00

Allison McGree                                                   Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Amanda Bielby                                                    Missoula                             $1,105.00

Amanda Dolph                                                    Havre                                  $2,500.00

Amanda Eggert                                                   Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Amanda Miller                                                     Corvallis                              $2,500.00

Andrea Estomo                                                   Roberts                               $2,500.00

Andrew Meyers                                                   Missoula                             $1,500.00

Angela Babby                                                      Billings                                $2,500.00

Angie Mangels                                                    Anaconda                           $2,500.00

Ann Justin                                                            Bozeman                            $2,500.00

April Hale                                                             Stevensville                        $2,500.00

Arnaldo Flores                                                     Billings                                $2,500.00

Brad Greenwood                                                 Livingston                           $2,500.00

Brandy Wyckoff                                                  Seeley Lake                       $2,500.00

Breena Buettner                                                  Helena                                $2,500.00

Brendan Stewart                                                 Missoula                             $2,500.00

Brian Langeliers                                                   Red Lodge                          $2,500.00

Britt Arnesen                                                        Missoula                             $2,500.00

Britt Juchem                                                        Missoula                             $2,500.00

Bruno Augusto                                                     Missoula                             $2,500.00

BT Livermore                                                      Butte                                   $2,500.00

Buck Morigeau                                                    Arlee                                   $2,500.00

Candice Methe                                                    Helena                                $2,361.00

Carlin Bear Dont Walk                                        Billings                                $2,500.00

Carol Barmore                                                     Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Caroline Keys                                                      Missoula                             $2,500.00

Caroline Patterson                                              Missoula                             $2,092.00

Carrie Darrah                                                      Seeley Lake                       $2,500.00

Carrie Kohles                                                       Great Falls                          $2,500.00

Carrie McCleary                                                  Hardin                                 $2,500.00

Cassy Kramer                                                     Billings                                $2,500.00

Catherine Phillips                                                Lewistown                           $2,000.00

Chelsea Smith                                                     Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Chris Cunningham                                              Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Chris Legg                                                           Great Falls                          $2,500.00

Christa Morgan                                                    Choteau                              $2,500.00

Christine Bakke                                                   Reed Point                          $2,500.00

Christopher Sand                                                Missoula                             $2,500.00

Claudia Paillao-Jimenez                                     Missoula                             $2,500.00

Co Carew                                                            Polson                                 $2,500.00

Coco Costigan-Daniels                                        Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Colleen Howe                                                      Dillon                                   $2,500.00

Connie Herberg                                                   Shepherd                            $2,500.00

Cornell Doc Wiley                                               Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Courtney Blazon                                                  Missoula                             $2,500.00

Courtney Murphy                                                Missoula                             $2,400.00

Cove Jasmin                                                       Hamilton                             $2,500.00

Dale Beckman                                                    Helena                                $2,500.00

Dan Bradner                                                        Dillon                                   $2,500.00

Dana Zier                                                             Bridger                                $2,500.00

Dave Caserio                                                       Billings                                $2,500.00

David Clumpner                                                  Superior                              $2,500.00

David Spear                                                        Pablo                                  $2,500.00

David Walburn                                                     Whitefish                             $2,500.00

Deborah Berniklau                                              Kalispell                              $2,500.00

Deborah Desjarlais                                              Billings                                $2,460.00

Deborah Springstead Ford                                  Columbus                           $958.00

DG House                                                            Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Doc Whittecar                                                      Stevensville                        $2,500.00

Douglas Standing Rock                                      Box Elder                            $2,500.00

Dulcie Ferguson-Belanger                                  Hamilton                             $2,500.00

Edna Finley                                                         Arlee                                   $2,500.00

Edward Kemmick                                               Billings                                $2,500.00

Eileen Rafferty                                                    Missoula                             $2,500.00

Elisha Harteis                                                      Missoula                             $2,500.00

Elizabeth Gregory                                               Livingston                           $2,130.00

Ella Watson                                                         Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Elloie Jeter                                                          Florence                             $2,500.00

Elyssa Leininger                                                  Billings                                $2,500.00

Emily Withnall                                                      Missoula                             $2,500.00

Eric Leidinger                                                       Livingston                           $2,500.00

Erica von Kleist                                                    Whitefish                             $2,500.00

Esther Sullivan                                                    Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Ezra Olson                                                           Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Fred Haefele                                                       Missoula                             $2,400.00

Gabriel Kulka                                                       Bozeman                            $2,460.00

Gary Spetz                                                          Lakeside                             $2,500.00

Genevieve Trygstad-Burke                                 Bozeman                            $2,500.00

George Turman                                                   Helena                                $1,525.00

Georgine Forgatch                                              Victor                                  $2,500.00

Gordon Alcorn                                                     Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Grace Brogan                                                      Missoula                             $2,500.00

Gwen Morgan                                                      Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Halladay Quist                                                     Kalispell                              $2,500.00

Heather Cahoon                                                  Missoula                             $2,500.00

Ivette Kjelsrud                                                      Huson                                 $2,500.00

Jake Fleming                                                       Bozeman                            $2,500.00

James Corwin                                                     Lakeside                             $2,475.00

James Rickley                                                     Great Falls                          $2,500.00

James Weikert                                                    Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Jamie Harrison                                                    Livingston                           $2,500.00

Jason Burnett                                                      Helena                                $2,500.00

Jason DeShaw                                                    Helena                                $2,500.00

Jeffrey Vick                                                         Bozeman                            $2,000.00

Jelena Louie                                                        Kalispell                              $2,000.00

Jeni Fleming                                                        Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Jenn Adams                                                        Hamilton                             $2,500.00

Jennifer Couch                                                    Saint Ignatius                      $2,500.00

Jennifer Reifsneider                                            Missoula                             $2,500.00

Jennifer Thompson                                             Helena                                $2,500.00

Jesse Albrecht                                                     Belgrade                             $2,500.00

Jesse Blumenthal                                                Missoula                             $2,500.00

Jesse Ryan                                                         Anaconda                           $2,500.00

Jessica Brophy                                                    Billings                                $2,500.00

Jessica Coughlin                                                 Belgrade                             $2,500.00

Jessica Glenn                                                      Dillon                                   $1,500.00

Jessie Moore                                                       Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Jessie Smith                                                        Missoula                             $2,500.00

Jo Newhall                                                           Livingston                           $2,500.00

Johanna Ciampa                                                 Missoula                             $2,500.00

John Floridis                                                        Missoula                             $2,500.00

John Pepion                                                        Valier                                  $2,500.00

John Sanders                                                      Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Josh DeWeese                                                    Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Josh Hughes                                                       Great Falls                          $2,500.00

Joshua Turtle Klaus                                            Stevensville                        $2,500.00

Joshua Moore                                                     Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Joshua Paulsen                                                   Billings                                $2,500.00

Joy Dietrich                                                         Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Kara Minnis                                                         Whitefish                             $2,500.00

Kate Augusto                                                       Missoula                             $2,500.00

Kathy Chapman                                                  Choteau                              $2,500.00

Katie Coyle                                                          Ennis                                   $2,500.00

Katie Redfield                                                      Butte                                   $2,500.00

Kay Potter                                                            Livingston                           $2,500.00

Keern Haslem                                                     Great Falls                          $2,500.00

Kenneth Morsette                                                Box Elder                            $2,500.00

Kerry Sherman                                                    Billings                                $2,500.00

Kim Lockman                                                      Belt                                     $2,500.00

Kirsten McGlynn                                                 Missoula                             $1,000.00

Kris Gullikson                                                      Seeley Lake                       $1,600.00

Krista Gazy                                                         Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Kyle Brenner                                                       Livingston                           $2,500.00

Lance Bendiksen                                                 Kalispell                              $2,500.00

Lara Chamberlin                                                  Melrose                               $2,500.00

LeeAnn Ramey                                                   Bozeman                            $2,460.00

Lena Schiffer                                                      Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Leslie Millar                                                         Arlee                                   $2,393.88

Lindsey Carrell                                                    Billings                                $2,350.00

Lindsey Carroll                                                    Helena                                $2,390.00

Loren Standing Rock                                          Box Elder                            $2,500.00

Lowell Stuck                                                        Butte                                   $2,500.00

Lynn-Wood Fields                                               Missoula                             $2,500.00

Malia Ludin                                                          Bozeman                            $2,190.00

Marcedes Carroll                                                 Livingston                           $2,500.00

Marian Green                                                      Billings                                $2,500.00

Mark Baumbach                                                  Lakeside                             $2,500.00

Mark Gibbons                                                      Missoula                             $2,500.00

Mark Kuntz                                                          Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Mary Jo Ludin                                                      Bozeman                            $1,579.00

Mary Serbe                                                          Billings                                $1,450.00

Matt Demarais                                                     Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Matthew Marsolek                                               Arlee                                   $2,500.00

Matthew Piedalue                                                Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Matthew Standal                                                  Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Maxim Loskutoff                                                 Missoula                             $2,500.00

Megan Grosso                                                     Billings                                $2,500.00

Megan Irons                                                        Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Megan Karls                                                        Great Falls                          $1,817.00

Megan McNamer                                                Missoula                             $1,200.00

Melissa Dawn                                                      Bozeman                            $2,300.00

Melissa DiNino                                                    Bonner                                $2,500.00

Melissa Stephenson                                            Missoula                             $1,000.00

Melissa Summerfield                                          Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Michael Morlan                                                    Butte                                   $2,500.00

Mike Murray                                                        Kalispell                              $2,500.00

Nancy Cawdrey                                                  Whitefish                             $2,500.00

Nic Fischer                                                          Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Nicholas Littman                                                  Missoula                             $2,500.00

Nicholas Spear                                                    Whitefish                             $2,500.00

Ott Jones                                                             Bozeman                            $2,380.00

Paige Devlin                                                        Missoula                             $2,453.00

Pamela Harr                                                        Glendive                             $2,500.00

Parker Brown                                                      Billings                                $2,500.00

Paul Hogan                                                          Great Falls                          $2,425.00

Pyper Hugos                                                        Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Ralph Williams                                                     Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Rebecca Mann                                                    Hamilton                             $2,500.00

Renee Audette                                                    Billings                                $2,500.00

Richard Kirchner                                                 Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Richard White                                                      Missoula                             $2,400.00

Rick Bass                                                            Troy                                    $2,500.00

Robert Bowman                                                  West Yellowstone               $2,000.00

Roger Rink                                                          East Glacier                        $2,500.00

Russell Rowland                                                 Billings                                $2,500.00

Russell Walks                                                      Billings                                $2,500.00

Ryan Brown                                                         Billings                                $2,500.00

Ryan Mitchell                                                       Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Sarah Pardee                                                      Livingston                           $2,500.00

Scott Arnoux                                                        Browning                            $2,500.00

Sean Heavey                                                      Glasgow                             $2,500.00

Shane Sauers                                                      Billings                                $2,500.00

Sheryle Bittner                                                     Cut Bank                            $2,500.00

Stacie Smith                                                        Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Stefan Flores                                                       Billings                                $2,500.00

Stefan Stern                                                        Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Steve Hinch                                                         West Yellowstone               $2,500.00

Steven Gibson                                                     Helena                                $2,500.00

Steven Gores                                                      Helena                                $2,500.00

Steven Harris-Weiel                                            Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Sunshine Cobb                                                    Helena                                $2,500.00

Susan Barnett                                                     Billings                                $2,500.00

Susan Feeback                                                   Libby                                   $2,488.00

Susan Morgan                                                     Missoula                             $2,500.00

Suzanne Shope                                                   Missoula                             $2,360.00

Tahnee Armstrong                                              Browning                            $2,500.00

Tara Chee                                                           Charlo                                 $2,500.00

Tate Standing Rock                                            Box Elder                            $2,500.00

Terry Standing Rock                                           Box Elder                            $2,500.00

Tina DeWeese                                                    Bozeman                            $2,500.00

Tom Benedict                                                      Three Forks                        $2,500.00

Tom Watson                                                        Belgrade                             $2,500.00

Ty Herman                                                          Billings                                $2,500.00

Violet Scott                                                          Billings                                $2,500.00

William Bill Wilkey                                               Helena                                $2,500.00

Wylie Gustafson                                                  Conrad                                $2,500.00


CARES Partners Organization Awardees

The Montana CARES Partners program provides relief funding to recent Public Value

Partnership grantees.


Applicant                                                            City                                     Award

Alberta Bair Theater                                            Billings                                $3,000.00

Alpine Artisans, Inc.                                            Seeley Lake                       $3,000.00

Alpine Theatre Project                                        Whitefish                             $3,000.00

Archie Bray Foundation                                       Helena                                $3,000.00

Art Mobile of Montana                                         Statewide                            $3,000.00

Arts Missoula                                                       Missoula                             $3,000.00
(Formerly Missoula Cultural Council)

Bigfork Playhouse Children's Theatre                Bigfork                                $3,000.00

Billings Studio Theatre                                        Billings                                $3,000.00

Billings Symphony Society                                 Billings                                $3,000.00

Bitterroot Performing Arts Council                      Hamilton                             $3,000.00

Butte Symphony Association                              Butte                                   $3,000.00

Carbon County Arts Guild & Depot Gallery        Red Lodge                          $3,000.00

Clay Studio of Missoula                                       Missoula                             $3,000.00

Cohesion Dance Project                                     Helena                                $3,000.00

Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture               Bozeman                            $3,000.00

Fort Peck Fine Arts Council, Inc.                        Fort Peck                            $3,000.00

Glacier Symphony and Chorale                          Kalispell                              $3,000.00

Grandstreet Broadwater Productions, Inc.         Helena                                $3,000.00

Great Falls Symphony                                        Great Falls                          $3,000.00

Helena Presents/Myrna Loy Center                   Helena                                $3,000.00

Helena Symphony                                              Helena                                $3,000.00

Hockaday Museum of Art                                   Kalispell                              $3,000.00

Holter Museum of Art                                          Helena                                $3,000.00

Intermountain Opera Association                        Bozeman                            $3,000.00

MAPS Media Institute                                          Hamilton                             $3,000.00
(Formerly Irwin & Florence
Rosten Foundation)

MCT, Inc.                                                             Statewide                            $3,000.00

Missoula Art Museum                                         Missoula                             $3,000.00

Missoula Writing Collaborative                           Missoula                             $3,000.00

Montana Actors' Theatre                                     Havre                                  $3,000.00

Montana Ballet Company                                   Bozeman                            $3,000.00

Montana Repertory Theatre                                Statewide                            $3,000.00

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks                   Statewide                            $3,000.00

North Valley Music School                                  Whitefish                             $3,000.00

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art                  Great Falls                          $3,000.00

Stumptown Art Studio                                         Whitefish                             $3,000.00

Verge Theater                                                     Bozeman                            $3,000.00

WaterWorks Art Museum                                    Miles City                            $3,000.00

Whitefish Theatre Co                                          Whitefish                             $3,000.00

Yellowstone Art Museum                                    Billings                                $3,000.00

Zootown Arts Community Center                       Missoula                             $3,000.00


CARES Recovery Individual and Organization Awardees

Applicant                                                            City                                     Award

Alan McNiel                                                         Troy                                    $515.00

Alberta Bair Theater                                            Billings                                $1,000.00

Alpine Artisans, Inc.                                            Seeley Lake                       $1,000.00

Amanda Bielby                                                    Missoula                             $1,000.00

Archie Bray Foundation                                       Helena                                $1,000.00

Arts Council of Big Sky                                       Big Sky                               $1,000.00

Billings Symphony Society                                 Billings                                $1,000.00

Bitterroot Performing Arts Council                      Hamilton                             $1,000.00

Bitterroot Valley Chorus                                      Hamilton                             $1,000.00

Brian Langeliers                                                   Red Lodge                          $1,000.00

Carbon County Arts Guild & Depot Gallery        Red Lodge                          $1,000.00

Carol Barmore                                                     Bozeman                            $1,000.00

Catherine Phillips                                                Lewistown                           $1,000.00

Clay Studio of Missoula                                       Missoula                             $1,000.00

Cohesion Dance Project                                     Helena                                $1,000.00

Council for the Arts, Lincoln                                Lincoln                                $339.00

Creative Arts Council                                          Eureka                                $1,000.00

Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture               Bozeman                            $1,000.00

Ennis Arts Association                                        Ennis                                   $270.00

Eureka Community Players                                Eureka                                $1,000.00

Fort Peck Fine Arts Council, Inc.                        Glasgow                             $990.38

Gary Spetz                                                          Lakeside                             $1,000.00

Great Falls Symphony                                        Great Falls                          $1,000.00

Great River Arts                                                  Kalispell                              $1,000.00

Helena Presents/Myrna Loy Center                   Helena                                $1,000.00

Helena Symphony                                              Helena                                $1,000.00

High Plains Book Awards                                   Billings                                $1,000.00

Hockaday Museum of Art                                   Kalispell                              $1,000.00

Ivette Kjelsrud                                                      Huson                                 $1,000.00

Jason Burnett                                                      Helena                                $1,000.00

Jessica Brophy                                                    Billings                                $1,000.00

Jo Newhall                                                           Livingston                           $984.00

Julie Engler                                                          Columbia Falls                    $468.63

Kenneth Lindeman                                              Helena                                $969.00

Kootenai Heritage Council                                  Libby                                   $1,000.00

Kyle Brenner                                                       Livingston                           $1,000.00

Marian Green                                                      Billings                                $299.00

MCT, Inc.                                                             Statewide                            $1,000.00

Melissa Summerfield                                          Bozeman                            $1,000.00

Miantae Metcalf McConnell                                Columbia Falls                    $583.97

Montana Playwrights Network                            Clancy                                $1,000.00

Montana State Old Time Fiddlers'                      Denton                                $933.00
Association, Inc.

Mountain Time Arts                                             Bozeman                            $1,000.00

Northeastern Arts Network                                 Sidney                                $1,000.00

NOVA Center for the Performing Arts                Billings                                $1,000.00

Ott Jones                                                             Bozeman                            $600.00

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art                  Great Falls                          $1,000.00

Ralph Williams                                                     Bozeman                            $1,000.00

Red Lodge Songwriter Festival                           Red Lodge                          $1,000.00

Richard Kirchner                                                 Bozeman                            $1,000.00

Rick Bass                                                            Troy                                    $1,000.00

Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre                           Missoula                             $1,000.00

Russell Rowland                                                 Billings                                $1,000.00

Russell Walks                                                      Billings                                $1,000.00

Shining Mountain School                                    Missoula                             $1,000.00
DBA third Ear Productions

Stumptown Art Studio                                         Whitefish                             $1,000.00

Sunburst Arts and Education                              Eureka                                $1,000.00

Sunshine Cobb                                                    Helena                                $1,000.00

Ted Kim                                                               Billings                                $1,000.00

Troy De Roche                                                    Eureka                                $750.00

Western Heritage Center                                    Billings                                $1,000.00

Western Montana Creative Initiatives                 Missoula                             $1,000.00

William Bill Wilkey                                               Helena                                $1,000.00

Yellowstone Art Museum                                    Billings                                $1,000.00


About the CARES Act

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provided $2 trillion in federal economic relief to the nation. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress with bipartisan support and signed into law on March 27th, 2020.  The more than $2 trillion economic relief package’s purpose is to mitigate the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19. The CARES Act is designed to provide direct economic assistance for American workers, families, and small businesses, and preserve jobs for American industries.

About the Montana Arts Council

In 1965 Montana Annotated Code 22-2-102 established the MAC as an agency of state government. The MAC mission is to develop the creative potential of all Montanans, advance education, spur economic vibrancy, and revitalize communities through involvement in the arts. Fifteen individuals appointed by the Governor oversee the Montana Arts Council. More information can be found at

Additional Resources

Montana Arts Council,

Americans for the Arts, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource and Response Center

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, Creative Economy State Profiles

Brookings Institution, Lost Art: Measuring COVID-19’s Devastating Impact on America’s Creative Economy