Gov. Gianforte Issues Executive Order Prohibiting Vaccine Passports

Governor's Office
  • April 13 2021

HELENA, Mont. – Governor Greg Gianforte today issued an executive order prohibiting the state-sponsored development and required use of so-called vaccine passports in Montana.

“I strongly encourage Montanans to get a safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine, which is our best path to protect our family and friends and get back to a more normal life,” Governor Gianforte said. “Receiving one is entirely voluntary and will not be mandated by the State of Montana, nor compelled through vaccine passports, vaccine passes, or other compulsory means. We are committed to protecting individual liberty and personal privacy.”

The executive order prohibits the State of Montana from requiring a vaccine to access state services or facilities; producing, issuing, or funding vaccine passports; and sharing an individual’s vaccination status with any person, company, or governmental entity for purposes of a vaccine passport program.

The executive order also prohibits Montana businesses from requiring patrons and customers to provide documentation of their vaccination status to gain access to, entry upon, or service.

View the governor’s Executive Order.