Gov. Gianforte Announces $6.3 Million More in ARPA Funds for Montana Cities, Towns

Governor's Office
  • June 11 2021

HELENA, Mont. – Governor Greg Gianforte today announced the disbursement of nearly $6.3 million in federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to 18 towns and cities across the state.

“The ARPA funds we’re distributing today provide 18 additional towns and cities with the authority to address their individual needs, whether to support those impacted by the pandemic or to invest in their infrastructure needs,” Gov. Greg Gianforte said.

Eighteen cities and towns will receive the following funding amounts based on criteria outlined by the U.S. Department of Treasury:

Chinook: $160,160.46

Circle: $77,270.41

Columbus: $265,529.18

Cut Bank: $390,949.88

Ennis: $126,825.62

Fort Peck: $30,525.00

Havre: $1,250,503.21

Hysham: $38,826.78

Joliet: $83,656.38

Kalispell: $3,137,433.49

Kevin: $17,369.87

Lima: $28,992.36

Phillipsburg: $117,885.25

Saco: $23,883.58

Three Forks: $262,463.90

Troy: $123,121.75

White Sulphur Springs: $118,907.01

Winifred: $24,905.33

The State of Montana will issue payments today, and the cities and towns should receive the funds by early next week.

Local governments typically serving a population under 50,000 are eligible for funding through the federal Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund, and funding allocations are determined by population.

This is the second in a series of disbursements to towns and cities that will be made by the state by June 30. The first, totaling $14 million to 34 towns and cities, was made yesterday.

More information about the program may be found through guidance from the U.S. Department of Treasury here.