Governor Gianforte Reconvenes Housing Task Force

Celebrates Successful Housing Agenda, Calls for Additional Recommendations

Governor's Office
  • October 17 2023

HELENA, Mont. – Reconvening his Housing Task Force today following a historic legislative session for pro-housing reforms, Governor Greg Gianforte praised the group for its innovative proposals to increase the supply of affordable, attainable housing and called for additional recommendations.

“With hardworking Montanans in mind, our diverse, bipartisan Housing Task Force last fall laid the groundwork for our housing wins this spring,” Gov. Gianforte said. “There’s more work to do to bring the American dream of homeownership into greater reach for Montanans, and I look forward to the innovative ideas and continued leadership of our task force members.”

Housing Task Force

Gov. Gianforte addressing Housing Task Force members at the State Capitol

State agency leaders, legislators, local officials, association representatives, economists, researchers, stakeholders, and advocates make up the task force, which Department of Environmental Quality Director Chris Dorrington chairs.

Spearheading state efforts to resolve the housing supply shortage, the governor launched the task force in July 2022 and received two reports last year that identified problems at the root of the state’s housing shortage and provided solutions that could be implemented administratively or through changes to law.

The task force’s recommendations provided a roadmap for lawmakers ahead of the 2023 legislative session, leading to a successful housing agenda that some have dubbed the “Montana Miracle.” In June, the governor extended the task force through 2025.

Addressing the group today, the governor highlighted recent reforms, including overhauling housing mandates and zoning regulations, encouraging the development of denser housing, streamlining subdivision reviews, and investing in building a more skilled workforce.

Concluding his comments, the governor called on the group to build on its progress to make housing more affordable and accessible to hardworking Montanans.

“Just as I did last year, I ask you again to dig deep, identify the problems, and leave no stone unturned. Thank you again for your commitment to this task force and to serving the people of Montana,” the governor concluded.