Gianforte, Governors Urge President To Reverse Ban On New Drilling On Federal Lands

Governor's Office
  • February 22 2021

HELENA, Mont. – Governor Greg Gianforte and 16 other governors today urged President Biden to reverse course on his executive order banning new oil and gas development on federal land and in offshore waters.

“As governors, we believe that solutions come from innovation, not regulation, and we support an all of the above energy approach, not picking and choosing winners and losers. Along with private sector ingenuity, state frameworks and standards are the best solution to producing cleaner and more affordable energy that curbs emissions, including during the development and production of fossil fuels,” Gianforte and the governors wrote to the president.

The governors’ letter concludes, “[T]he lack of consultation with our states demonstrated by Executive Order 14008 is alarming, showing disregard for the citizens we serve and the businesses that employ them and keep our country running and our nation secure. We encourage you to reverse course – pause the pause – and open a constructive dialogue with each of us as you have promised the American people you would do.”

Read the full letter HERE.