Governor Bullock Statement on 100 COVID-19 Deaths in Montana

Former Governors
  • August 28 2020

Governor Steve Bullock today issued the following statement regarding the deaths of 100 Montanans due to COVID-19.

“We have reached a somber statistic in Montana: 100 deaths due to COVID-19. But the people we have lost are not statistics. These men and women were beloved family members and cherished friends. And their loss will continue to reverberate throughout their families and communities – for so many Montanans, this virus has taken away Christmas dinner at Grandma’s, family history and cultural knowledge, or a best friend.

We all share the responsibility of learning to live in our new normal. By doing so, we are not disregarding that 100 Montanans have lost their lives; the best way to honor these souls is to protect the people and the state they loved. Through acting collectively to mitigate the risk, we are preventing this virus from leaving more tragedy in its wake.”