Governor Bullock Releases Additional Guidance Related to Public K-12 School Closures

Bullock asks schools to plan if there are future closures and ensure students continue to receive necessary services

Former Governors
  • March 19 2020

Governor Steve Bullock today released additional guidance related to public K-12 school closures. A decision has not been made on future closures at this time.

“I sincerely appreciate the teachers, the administrators and school staff who are working diligently in this challenging and unprecedented time to make sure that the needs of children in every corner of our state are met. Collectively, we must ensure that students are still able to receive a quality education and the services Montana families rely on in the event of longer school closures,” Governor Bullock said. “I recognize that decisions to close schools put an extra strain on families and we must do everything we can to ease the burden.”

Governor Bullock directed measures be put in place immediately to ensure that schools are utilizing the two-week closure to plan if there are continued or future closures. This includes waiving requirements for pupil instruction time through March 27. Districts will continue to receive all state payments during the initial two-week closure as budgeted and appropriated by the Montana legislature.

In the event there are closures beyond March 27 pursuant to a gubernatorial directive, a district will not be required to reschedule in-person pupil-instruction time lost because of the closure if the board of trustees for the district approves the district’s plan/report that it has made up the lost pupil-instruction time through remote learning, provided for meals for students, provided for services to students with disabilities, and provided other services customarily provided to students in school. Districts whose plans/reports are approved will continue to receive all state funding.

The Directive is attached.