Governor Bullock Issues Directive Providing Flexibility to Local Governments

Former Governors
  • March 24 2020

Governor Steve Bullock today announced measures to give local governments the flexibility they need to adhere to social distancing guidelines and do their part in preventing COVID-19.

“I’m pleased that local governments know they can play a key role in slowing the virus and are taking social distancing measures seriously,” Governor Bullock said. “Today’s action will keep the public and local government employees safe while maintaining the local services Montanans rely on.”

In consultation with local governments, Governor Bullock’s Directive suspends certain office hours requirements in state law to allow for limited closures where local governments cannot safely operate within social distancing guidelines. The Directive does not allow suspension of hours for offices that are required to maintain public health and safety.

Additionally, the Directive allows local governments flexibility to set human resources policies that best support health-affected local government employees. Finally, the Directive grants suspension of certain statutory deadlines during the emergency.

The full Directive is here.