Department of Administration Releases RFQ for Remote & Office Workplace Study

Department of Administration
  • Belinda Adams
  • September 27 2021
Montana – The Montana Department of Administration (DOA) has released a Request For Qualifications (RFQ) for a COVID-19 Remote & Office Workspace Study and Planning Project (ROWS) that will evaluate all State of Montana agencies.

As the pandemic continues to impact the workplace, DOA has recognized the need to evaluate how state government operates to better serve the citizens of Montana.

“This project will consider the purpose and function of the workplace, reevaluate the need for square footage, as well as update human resource policies to enable us to strategically meet the needs of a modern workplace and workforce,” said DOA Director Misty Ann Giles. “We look forward to increasing efficiencies, saving taxpayers money, and continuing to prioritize our customer service.”

Adopting an alternative workplace strategy includes establishing a combination of non-traditional work practices, settings, and locations that supplement traditional offices. This may include shared office space, satellite offices, open concept floor plans, and/or virtual offices. Additionally, the state’s human resource policies will be revamped to fully support and guide a modern workforce and workplace needs.

It is anticipated that ROWS will result in significant cost savings, increased employee retention and satisfaction, as well as improved customer service to the citizens of Montana.

The RFQ opens September 27, 2021, and closes at 2 p.m. on October 25, 2021, with work beginning immediately after the contract is awarded.