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Water committee to weigh 11 bills

Friday, August 31, 2018/Categories: Legislative Branch, Montana.gov/Tags:

The final Water Policy Interim Committee meeting of the 2017-18 session includes bills focusing on the water right change process and the state’s stream gauge network.

The committee meets at 8 a.m. September 10 in room 152 of the Capitol in Helena. The committee will consider advancing its own legislation to the 2019 session, as well as hearing of proposals from the departments of Environmental Quality, Natural Resources and Conservation, and Fish, Wildlife, and Parks. The committee bills are:

  • Define a “supplemental notice” within the Montana Administrative Procedure Act (LCw001)
  • Revise certain water right adjudication processes (LCw002)
  • Extend the deadline to correct an application for a permit or a change of water right (LCw003)
  • 3 bills to clarify aspects of the water rights change process (LCw04a, LCw04b, LC04c)
  • Clarify the criteria for a water right permit relying on a waiver of adverse effect (LCw005)
  • Study Montana’s stream gauge network (LCw006)
  • Maintain Montana’s stream gauge network (LCw008)
  • Revise laws related to agency use of distribution lists of personal contact information (LCw009)
  • Revise laws related to river basin councils (LCw010)

Committee rules require six of eight committee members to vote for advancing any bill.

The committee will also discuss federal issues and Montana’s water, specifically how the federal budget has affected water programs in Montana state government and an overview of Environmental Protection Agency water issues in Montana.

WPIC is led by Sen. Pat Connell (R-Hamilton), presiding officer, and Rep. Zach Brown (D-Bozeman), vice presiding officer. Other members are Sens. Jill Cohenour (D-East Helena), Jon Sesso (D-Butte), and Jeffrey Welborn (R-Dillon); and Reps. Bob Brown (R-Thompson Falls), John Fleming (D-St. Ignatius), and Carl Glimm (R-Kila).

The meeting will be live-streamed at www.leg.mt.gov and will be broadcast on Television Montana (TVMT). Check your local channel listings to find TVMT in your area. For more information on the committee’s activities and upcoming meeting, including a full agenda, visit the committee’s website or contact Jason Mohr, committee staff.

Committee Website:  www.leg.mt.gov/water

Committee Staff:  jasonmohr@mt.gov or 406-444-1640


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