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Student Assessment Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Convenes

Monday, August 6, 2018/Categories: Office of Public Instruction/Tags: Elsie Arntzen; Dylan Klapmeier; Montana Office of

Student Assessment Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Convenes

August 6, 2018

HELENA—State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen has selected 17 people to serve on the Student Assessment Negotiated Rulemaking Committee (Committee). The Committee will provide a recommendation to Superintendent Arntzen to amend ARM 10.56.101, pertaining to the policies and procedures for standardized test administration using the required statewide assessments.

The Committee members represent a diverse group of Montanans who are experts in education, business, K-12 large-scale statewide assessment experience, culturally relevant practices, and K-12 special education or English learner experience including individuals from the following groups:  school district trustees, K-12 school administrators, K-12 teachers and counselors, school clerks/business officials, school district administrative staff, parents, and taxpayers.  Members of the Committee were selected based on the following criteria:  cultural diversity, geographic location, K-12 large-scale statewide assessment experience, K-12 special education or English learner experience, district and school size, and grade levels served. The state agencies represented on Committee are the Office of Public Instruction and the Board of Public Education.

Committee members include:

  • Ashley Davis, K-12 Teacher at Gallatin Gateway School
  • Dee Hensley-Maclean, Parent and Advocacy Volunteer for Montana PTA
  • Denise Williams, School Business Official
  • Dennis Parman, Taxpayer and Director of Montana Rural Education Association
  • Dorothea (Dot) Wood, K-12 Curriculum Director at Columbia Falls School District
  • Gary Lusin, School Trustee for Bozeman Public Schools
  • Jan Banks, K-12 Teacher at Forsyth High School
  • Jilyn Chandler, School Administrator at Helena Public Schools
  • Karen Pollari, K-12 Teacher at Sidney School District
  • Lance Boyd, School Administrator at Great Falls Public Schools
  • Linda Rost, K-12 Teacher at Baker High School
  • Robert Connors, School Administrator at Glasgow Public Schools
  • Robin Miller, K-12 Curriculum Director at BSD7
  • Roger Dereszynski, K-12 Testing Coordinator at Billings Public Schools
  • Sharyl Allen, School Administrator at Conrad Schools
  • Susan Quinn, K-12 Curriculum Director at Great Falls Public Schools
  • Tina Blair, School Administrator at West Valley Middle School

OPI and Board of Public Education staff on the Committee include:

  • Ashley McGrath, Assessment Director
  • Colet Bartow, Content Standards and Instruction Division Administrator
  • Kyle A. Moen, Chief Legal Counsel
  • Linda Vrooman Peterson, Accreditation and Educator Preparation Division Administrator
  • Peter Donovan, Board Executive Director
  • Mary Jo Bremner, Board Member
  • Susie Hedalen, Deputy Superintendent for Education Services
  • Yvonne Field, Assessment Specialist

Once the negotiated rulemaking committee finishes its work, it will be up to the Board of Public Education to approve the suggested amendments. The Committee convened its first meeting on August 6th in Helena.

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