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Montana Army National Guard to Conduct Controlled Burns on Fort Harrison Ranges

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The Montana National Guard Training Center Headquarters will conduct prescribed burns on the weapons ranges at Fort Harrison on Thursday, March 26th.  Personnel will burn ranges to minimize fire hazards during summer months and lessen the impact to scheduled weapons training.

“Prescribed burns are one of many steps we take to mitigate the potential of wildland fires occurring on the ranges and impacting unit training and our neighbors,” stated Maj Bob McCrum, Training Center Headquarters Range Operations Officer.  “Our ranges are utilized heavily in the spring and summer months for small caliber weapons training and this step will help to ensure the use of those ranges during the peak of summer.  Additionally, it helps to increase the safety of our Soldiers and Airmen that use the ranges”

Montana National Guard Training Center personnel, along with the VA Fire Department, will conduct the burn.  “My full-time range personnel have training in firefighting as part of their duties and responsibilities,” said McCrum. 

In addition to safety, burning has an added ecological value to Fort Harrison.  “Annual burns help to remove dead debris and brush allowing new grass and plants to grow,” McCrum said. 

The prescribed burns are scheduled to be conducted between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Crews will burn approximately 25-acres within the boundaries of the range with the potential to conduct additional burns throughout the spring as needed for safety purposes, according to McCrum.

For more information regarding the prescribed burns, contact the MTNG Public Affairs office for more information at 324-3009.


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