Governor Steve Bullock vows to protect access to public lands: “These lands belong to you” -

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Governor Steve Bullock vows to protect access to public lands: “These lands belong to you”

Montana’s outdoor recreation economy support 64,000 Montana jobs and nearly $6 billion in economic activity

Monday, January 30, 2017/Categories: Former Governors,

MONTANA – Montana Governor Steve Bullock was joined by sportsmen, conservationists, recreationists, and members of Montana’s outdoor recreation and tourism industries at the State Capitol today to pledge his support to protecting public lands and public access in Montana.

“The economic importance and the value Montanans place on public lands and our outdoor economy are nothing to take for granted. We need to enhance those opportunities, not detract from them,” said Governor Bullock. “Protecting Montana’s public lands and access to them is an issue that transcends party politics. It’s isn’t about Democrats, Republicans or Independents – it’s about doing what’s right for all Montanans.”

Governor Bullock has been a long-time advocate of improving access to Montana’s public lands, clean air and water and wildlife and he is committed to strengthening the robust economy and Montana jobs that rely on outdoor recreation and tourism. Governor Bullock today also reinforced his opposition to any state or federal proposals to transfer or sell of public lands.

“It’s time we send a message to the second floor of this building that proposals to transfer our public lands out of public hands have no place in this building and no place in Montana,” Governor Bullock continued. “And not only do the leaders of Montana need to hear this. We need our voices to rise and be heard all the way to Washington, DC. They need to hear that these lands belong to every Montanan and every American.”

Last year Governor Bullock rolled out a robust public lands and access agenda, saying it is his “responsibility as governor” to uphold the Montana value of protecting the state’s outdoor heritage. View his agenda here.

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