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Governor Bullock Releases Budget that Ensures Fiscal Responsibility, Invests in Education, Protects Healthcare, and Builds Montana’s Infrastructure

Bullock calls on 2019 Legislature to work with him to maintain a fiscally responsible budget, while preserving investments into the economy and the health and well-being of Montanans

Thursday, November 15, 2018/Categories: Former Governors/Tags:

Governor Steve Bullock today released his budget proposal for the 2021 biennium. The governor’s budget insists on fiscal responsibility through a balanced budget that leaves a meaningful reserve for a rainy day, while preserving investments made in recent years into the state’s economy and the health and well-being of Montanans. The governor’s budget also invests in education, protects healthcare and rural communities, creates jobs and builds Montana’s infrastructure.     

“The budget I present today is a reflection of the values we hold as Montanans. It is a reflection of the progress we’ve made as a state these past few years and seeks to maintain and build upon that progress,” said Governor Bullock “It is because of these successes that I’m optimistic that in Montana we can still be a shining example for the country of how our political system is supposed to work. We’ve demonstrated that government can work for the people of our state. Our growing economy, continuing investments in education and job creation, and thriving middle-class are proof.”

Governor Bullock called on the 2019 Legislature to work together on the budget to ensure fiscal responsibility by leaving a meaningful reserve for a healthy day, not spending more than we take in, and making fiscally prudent and sustainable investments to benefit Montanans for generations.

“I expect the legislature to work with me, on what at their core, should not be partisan issues when it comes to our budget. Montanans are best served when we work together, regardless of political party, on a budget that is not only balanced, but also funds essential services Montanans expect. And Montanans understand the importance of leaving money in the bank for unexpected things that might come our way. It’s not just good policy, it’s the fiscally responsible thing to do,” continued Governor Bullock.

Governor Bullock’s budget for the 2019 Legislative Session emphasize four main priority areas:

  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility by rebuilding Montana’s reserve for a rainy day and increasing revenue to modernize Montana’s economy;
  • Investing in education to maintain Montana’s competitiveness through targeted investments;
  • Protecting healthcare and our rural communities by maintaining the Montana HELP Act, protecting healthcare for Montanans and supporting rural communities; and
  • Creating jobs and building infrastructure by building Montana through sustainable investments.

An overview of Governor Bullock’s proposal is available here and the full budget proposal is available here.


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