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Lt. Governor launches new recycling program for Capitol Complex

HELENA – Today Lieutenant Governor Angela McLean launched a new program of environmental stewardship for state government in Helena when she kicked off an expanded recycling program for the Capitol Complex.

“Protecting Montana’s quality of life for this and future generations is a major initiative of the Governor’s Main Street Montana Project,” Lt. Governor McLean said.  “Increasing our recycling efforts for state government in Helena is one component of that protection effort and we have established a contract with a private sector business to help us achieve this goal.”

Under the new program announced today, the State’s General Services Division contracted with Helena Recycling to pick up paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, pallets, newspapers, magazines, aluminum, tin, and batteries for recycling.  Since the new contract started in January 2015, state agencies diverted 58 tons of material from the landfill.  State government offices in Helena have long recycled paper and cardboard, but had no formal state program for non-paper items.

“We intend to be a model for recycling,” said McLean.  “As a government, we want to demonstrate the necessity of reusing our resources.  Thanks to this contract with Helena Recycling, we are recycling more and paying less.  It is an important partnership.”

Today’s program launch included the first quarterly date when state employees may bring their recyclables from home.

For more information about recycling in the Helena area, go to  or