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The Environmental Quality Council meets Sept. 27-28 in room 172 of the Capitol. The bipartisan council is scrutinizing the parks division of the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP).

The Water Policy Interim Committee will set a plan of action for the 2017-2018 interim during its upcoming July 31-August 1 meeting. Staff and various agencies will also lead the committee on a tour of three Helena-area sites to introduce a broad array of water issues, including irrigation,...
Governor Bullock Issues Decision on Year-round Habitat for Yellowstone Bison
Governor Steve Bullock today issued a decision to allow for the presence of bison year-round in Montana on the perimeter of Yellowstone National Park.
Wednesday, December 30, 2015/Categories: Governor's Office/Tags: Fish Wildlife & Parks, Livestock, Bison

The Environmental Quality Council (EQC) will review  changes to proposed rules that guide special hunts designed to reduce the damage game animals cause to land or crops.