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The Montana Department of Revenue announces it has successfully completed its annual requirement to certify taxable values of property in the state’s 56 counties. This year, department offices in all 56 counties certified the values before or on the August 7 deadline. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017/Categories: Department of Revenue, Property Tax, Counties

The Montana Department of Revenue’s Liquor Control Division has reviewed the latest population estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau and determined the availability of seven alcoholic beverage licenses in three communities.The department is currently accepting applications to participate in its lottery for the licenses.

Helena - The Montana Department of Revenue reminds Montana property owners whose homes or other property are damaged or destroyed during wildfire or other natural disaster that they can apply for property tax assistance.

The Montana Department of Revenue is mailing classification and appraisal notices to all owners of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. The department’s determination of a property’s market and taxable values for the current appraisal cycle is shown on the notice.

Helena – The Montana Department of Revenue is seeking nominations for this year’s Alcohol Education Summit awards. These awards honor individuals or groups who’ve worked towards a reduction of alcohol abuse in their communities, and across the state.

Thursday, April 20, 2017/Categories: Department of Revenue/Tags: liquor

HELENA – Today, April 18, is the deadline for filing state income taxes, and the Montana Department of Revenue thanks taxpayers for filing on time. “We understand the work that taxpayers put into filing their taxes, and we sincerely appreciate everyone who files by the deadline,” says Mike Kadas, Director of the Department of Revenue. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017/Categories: Department of Revenue, Income Tax, Tax Refunds

HELENA – The Montana Department of Revenue would like to remind volunteers that March 31 is the deadline to apply for Let’s Control It, the agency’s traini

Tuesday, February 14, 2017/Categories: Department of Revenue/Tags: Liquor Education

The Montana Department of Revenue is mailing livestock reporting forms this week to Montanans who own livestock and need to meet upcoming reporting and payment deadlines.

The Montana Department of Revenue is mailing out 2017 personal property reporting forms to business owners this week. Business and industrial taxpayers have until March 1, 2017, to report their business equipment or personal property to the department. They’ll need to file even if there were no changes to their business equipment or if they closed or sold their business.

The Montana Department of Revenue is encouraging people to apply to the department’s liquor education program as volunteer trainers. The volunteers work in Let’s Control It, the agency’s training program for responsible alcohol sales