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Calumet Refining Resolves Air Quality Violations

Great Falls company paid $55,750 in penalties

Wednesday, June 29, 2016/Categories: Department of Environmental Quality/Tags:

Helena---The Montana Department of Environmental Quality announced today that Calumet Montana Refining, LLC has resolved violations of the Clean Air Act of Montana that occurred at the Calumet refinery in Great Falls.

Calumet exceeded emission limits for nitrogen oxides (NOx) and failed to monitor sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions as required.

According to DEQ Enforcement Officer John Rasmann, Calumet’s operating permit prohibits NOx emission limits over 0.019 lb/MMBtu. A performance test conducted in March 2014 showed NOx emissions to be 0.023 lb/MMBtu.

The company’s operating permit also requires monitoring for SO2 emissions during 95 percent of the reporting period. During the first quarter of 2014, Calumet’s monitoring system did not operate sufficiently 7.59 prcent of the reporting period.

Calumet corrected the violations and paid a $55,750 administrative penalty for the violations.

For additional information about the Clean Air Act of Montana or the Air Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program, please call the Air Quality Bureau at (406) 444-3490 or visit the program’s website at:


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