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Belton Chalet Public Water Supply Operator Resolves Violations

Wednesday, October 21, 2015/Categories: Department of Environmental Quality/Tags:

Helena — The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has settled its enforcement action against Still Back There of West Glacier, LLC for violations of Montana Public Water Supply Laws at the public water supply system serving Belton Chalet in West Glacier, Montana.  

According to DEQ Case Manager Margarite Thomas, Belton Chalet’s drinking water system exceeded the total coliform maximum contaminant level. Coliform bacteria are common in the environment and are generally harmless; but they do indicate that disease-causing pathogens could enter the water system. Still Back There also connected employee housing to the public water system prior to DEQ review and approval. 

To resolve the matter, DEQ and Still Back There entered into a consent order under which the company agreed to abate the source of contamination and correct the unapproved connections to the employee housing. 

Still Back There corrected significant deficiencies identified during regular sanitary survey inspections  and has disconnected the employee housing from the public water supply system. Belton Chalet’s regular monitoring caught the coliform exceedance early and it has not had a total coliform-positive water sample in the last six months. 

For questions about the Public Water Supply Program and laws, please contact the Public Water Supply and Subdivisions Bureau at (406) 444-4400 or visit DEQ’s website at:


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